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Created during the COVID crisis, Axxess Techno aims to make professional and affordable technological tools available to the largest number of businesses.

Axxess Techno is the association of four individuals with more than 85 years of experience in information technology industry.

Thanks to cutting-edge technologies and an experienced team dedicated to giving the best of itself, Axxess Techno is able to offer technological tools:

  • Efficient
  • Simple and user-friendly (no need for specific training)
  • Flexible and of very high quality

In addition, by associating ourselves with the living forces of your environment, with the strength of the youth of our team, we are committed to contributing, in our own way, to creating a society more able to face all the challenges that awaits us. tomorrow.

Our values

As a young team, we have set ourselves the goal of helping as many people as possible.

Building on constructive values, Axxess Techno has surrounded itself with the best resources in each region, in order to provide professional, local service.

Our professionals are self-employed, who therefore have your best interests at heart. Our approach also has the effect of energizing each environment by giving companies world-class tools and local entrepreneurs work on a regular basis.

Personalized service

With our local presence, we ensure a service that meets the needs of your community.

Meeting your needs

Your local representative is supported by our technology and our team, which gives your presence all the professionalism you expect.

In a flexible way

Our approach is entirely focused on flexibility in order to allow everyone to get the most out of technology.

By making the most of technology, our team has surrounded itself with the necessary experience and skill. Each of our innovations make the most of technology, ensuring you consistent professional results!


A young and dynamic team, entirely dedicated to your success!

Jean-François Rodrigue

Jean-François Rodrigue

Founder, president and architect
René Rhéaume

René Rhéaume

Anne Beaulieu

Anne Beaulieu

Marketing director

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